• Recognize the risks, and adapt to new reality to effectively overcome the challenges from Covid-19;
  • Make plans to maintain growth even during crises and challenging contexts;
  • Stay on top of leading trends of the energy industry: Sustainable and renewable energy; new technology, digital transformation, a combination of floating solar energy and hydroelectricity, etc;
  • Plan appropriate strategy towards sustainability and green transformation, associated with digital transformation;
  • Create value and tighten good relationship between Vietnam and Singapore.


VSBF is the opportunity for leaders and enterprises in the energy industry understand more about the energy development at global scale: trends, challenges, opportunities and strategy for Vietnam. Through this forum, numerous senior Vietnamese and Singaporean leaders emphasized that global energy trend in the future will focus on sustainable and renewable energy, the use new technologies in photovoltaic solar power, digital transformation, and creating hybrid systems by mixing floating solar energy and hydroelectricity.

Source: Vietnamnews.vn

At VSBF, the speakers pointed out that the energy structure in the next 10 years would change due to the impact of the pandemic as well as the adjustments of policies and sustainability development focus. The speakers also suggested that Vietnam’s energy industry is obligated to decide on an appropriate strategy towards sustainability and green transformation, associated with digital transformation as well as encouraging the participation of the private sector.

Source: Vietnam Economic News

VSBF is the valued opportunity for Vietnamese and Singaporean businesses to share their experiences, create value and further tighten good relationship between the two countries. Specifically, VSBF helps Vietnamese enterprises to learn experience on energy development from Singapore and learn how the enterprises this country overcome the crisis and challenges from Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: Vietnambiz.vn