• Viet Nam, Singapore chart directions for relations in next 50 years
  • Transitioning to sustainability: Pathways, directions and opportunities
  • Vietnam’s economic landscape 2023 & growth forecasts
  • Driving Growth and Mitigating Risk Amid Volatility
  • Leading technology transformations, and creating sustainable innovations
  • Driving value through ESG
  • Bridging The Gap Between Sustainability and Profitability: From the orientation to the Strategic Implementation.


Regard the transition as an opportunity, and not just a risk, will be best positioned to succeed. To succeed, businesses must proactively develop new products, services, and relevant and innovative business models, innovative ways of operating, greater workforce capabilities, and better ways of communicating with their investors, customers, regulators, and other stakeholders.”

Mr. Lim Boon Heng – Former Singaporean Cabinet Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore and Chairman of Temasek Holdings, VSBF Advisory Board

“To pursue the goal of sustainable development, Vietnam has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and made two other commitments related to agriculture. Thereby, the nation has gradually reduced its use of energy from fossil fuels and accelerated the use of renewable energy sources. To implement these commitments, the role of technology is critical bcause new technologies can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, Vietnam needs technology transfer from other countries and the resources to absorb the transferred technologies.

Mr. Tran Van Tung, Former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology – According to Business Forum Magazine

Economic cooperation has been the cornerstone of the bilateral relationship, and Singapore has long recognised Vietnam’s economic strengths and potential. Singapore has been Vietnam’s top source of foreign investment for the last three years, with the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Parks (VSIP) across northern, central and southern Vietnam being emblematic symbols  of  the economic cooperation.

Ambassador of Singapore to Vietnam, H.E. Mr. Jay Ratnam – According to Vietnam Investment Review

“Whether we are women or men, we all have a vital role to play in promoting diversity towards sustainable development. It is a well-established fact that the more diverse an organization is, the more its performance improves. Improved performance leads to higher profits and growth rates, as well as increased employee satisfaction levels. Therefore, women have a crucial role to play in driving the sustainability and growth of businesses.

Ms. Linda Rae, the General Director of GE Group responsible for Energy and Digital

“Sustainable development is a global strategy, realized on a correlate and harmonious combination of such aspects as social-economic development and environmental protection, which align with the inclusive goal pursued by the Government of Vietnam. However, it is important that the Government continues to promulgate standard regulations, and define clear roadmap for implementation. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on green technology development policies regarding greening existing industries, transforming to a more advanced industrial structure…”

Mr. Ho Sy Hung, Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises (CMSC) – According to Government News