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It has been more than two years since the pandemic occurred. We have witnessed the economic shocks and the disasters caused by the pandemic, but from crisis and pandemic, there are always “green shoots” that emerge. Governments and enterprises of all countries, including Vietnam and Singapore, have transitioned to the state of safe adaptation, flexibility, and efficiency, gradually recovering, building momentum, accelerating, and growing in a sustainable ‘new normal’.

During the most challenging periods of the crisis, we have still seen numerous partnerships and collaborations between the two countries’ enterprises being formed, sharing the vision to implement successful growth strategies.

A Successful Growth Strategy Implementation in the ‘new normal’ is becoming an increasingly important priority for boards and executives across Southeast Asian and most progressive countries.

In parallel with the “New Normal”, “Sustainable Development” has been recently brought up especially since the COP26 Conference in Glasgow, Scotland (United Kingdom) in November 2021.

Sustainable development has become a top priority for decision-makers in today’s global economic, political, and business environment.

The time has come for enterprises to associate sustainability not with trade-offs, but with competitive advantage, and enduring business performance. Organisations and Leaders that incorporate Sustainability into the Heart of Business Strategy will benefit from more resilient supply chains, efficient business practices, enhanced stakeholder interactions, improved governance, and ultimately better longer-term financial performance and value creation.

The Vietnam – Singapore Board Forum has been pioneering in governance initiatives to support enterprises to successfully plan and execute strategies, create value, and promote cooperation among enterprises of the two countries.

Inheriting and promoting the success of the first Vietnam – Singapore Board Forum held in October 2021, this year’s Forum will focus on the theme of Successful Growth Strategy Implementation & Incorporation of Sustainability into the Heart of Business Strategy.

Key contents of VSBF 2022:

Successful Growth Strategy Implementation

Investigation of the Strategic Environment

Asia continues to see unprecedented growth and, along with it, increasingly challenging environments. Leaders should track and anticipate major trends in the business environment, and consider these strategically developing relevant scenarios to better diagnose the business environment.

Partnership and Collaboration in Asia

What are the critical elements that Partnership strategy needs to encompass, and how can we better manage international partnerships by focusing on roles and responsibilities?

Successful Growth Strategy Implementation

Using an online International simulation, the critical means to understand the motivations contributing to strategy implementation activities, looking at process and people.

Incorporation of Sustainability into the Heart of Business Strategy

  • Striving for a Prosperous Sustainable Development Decade – Orientations of Vietnam Government
  • Sustainable enterprises in association with the green economy
  • Strategies for Sustainable Growth: Recommendations for increasing the probability of success
  • Strategic Transformation: How Can Corporations Integrate Sustainability Principles into Strategy?


We make efforts and focus our resource to make Vietnam – Singapore Board Forum successful and bring practical values because this peer leader forum is not only for sharing management experience and business solutions between the two countries’ business leaders to maintain growth and sustainability even in challenging contexts but also for creating values and further tightening the good relationship between Vietnam and Singapore.

Ms. Mary Pham Thu Hang, Vietstar CEO & VSBF Director